About the Founder

Petra Stolfa

My name is Petra Stolfa, I am a HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH and this is my company and my life! I live in Great Falls Virginia with my husband, two daughters, cat, dog, and two guinea pigs. 

Every day I cook from organic ingredients, read books about crystals and sacred geometry, soak beans, meditate, drink herbal teas, walk my dog, exercise yoga, talk to my friends and family and let's not forget the laundry, dishes, and vacuum cleaning, right?! :) I love every day!

I am in a unique position to help my clients because I had same struggle years ago when I felt like I am dying and did not know what to do until I found out I am Celiac (gluten intolerant)  and  intolerant  to  Dairy. My best friend saved my life by sending me to a psychosomatic doctor and telling me to go and study The Academy of Healing Nutrition in New York City. Moreover, since then I am hooked, and I enjoy and love what I do. The best part is that I can help others!

Do you ever feel tired, fatigue, bloated or that something is wrong, and you cannot name it? Or do you have a diagnose already and want to feel better and help your body to recover naturally? Then it's time for a change for better, and I would love to be your guide in your journey!

I would love to schedule a time to talk more about some of your challenges and explore how we may be able to work together. 


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